NCFG FinTech

  • NCF Group has set up an AI laboratory and has kept exploring AI technology practice in various fields in the Group, including finance, medical care, comprehensive health, robotics, blockchain, as well as data-driven innovation and application in supply-chain finance. AI Lab is positioned on scene-oriented AI infrastructure services and provides AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) solutions to the entire group and society with technical innovations such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.

  • Based on scientific and technological innovation strategy, NCF Group has been continuously innovating in data mining, data analysis, modeling, and repeated experiments, and is committed to connecting people and finance by technology in more scenarios. Through the independent risk control system, which is based on big data, and the business-level full-link real-time data monitoring system, the system stability reaches up to 99.99 percent, which comprehensively protects  users’ capital security .

  • NCF Group blockchain laboratory boasts more than 20 international top-class experts. It independently developed the world's first blockchain distributed ledger based on a real-time accounting system. The blockchain open technical framework with completely independent intellectual property rights far exceeds the performance of mainstream technologies. Blockchain?business platform has already accessed tens of millions of users and cleared hundreds of millions of transactions.
  • Wangxinzhitou uses financial quantization, artificial intelligence and other technologies to directly provide white-collar and middle-class users with comprehensive Robo-Advisor services It portrays users' real risk preference through big data, reduces the fluctuation of investment through global asset disposition, and strengthens user communication through intelligent customer analysis and management system, to help users achieve long-term and stable positive returns.

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